An artist and inherently a witch by bloodline, Natalia began to work with the tarot as a means of creating structure to the intuitive insights she could access. Already educating herself in mythology, folk magic, mediumship, energy work, reiki training and archangels, she decided to further her practice with a community coven and began attending residencies and workshops with The Golden Dome School, a nomadic mystery school based in Los Angeles. 

In a clear and honest fashion, the tarot brings to light the reality of a situation, hitting issues right at one’s core and awakening truths that allow individuals to walk away with a true sense of direction. Natalia began using the tarot as a tool to self-activate, motivate and produce a deeper understanding of the “now.” As an interdisciplinary artist who produces work full of symbolism, intuition and heart, the tarot has become an effective tool for her practice. In her readings, she strives to discover keys, uncover blocks and help bring true insight and clarity on current situations with utmost compassion.

Natalia incorporates prescription psychomagic and in addition offers intuitive readings and chakra clearings through reiki.