Eleventh House is a Miami-based organization connecting locals and the city’s thriving community of mystics, brujas and healers. For centuries this spiritual work has been misunderstood, relegated to an oft-unspoken and liminal space, and condemned as “black magic” or evil. Founded by Jess Swanson and Angel Garcia, Eleventh House aims to not only bring Miami’s mystical community out of the shadows but to celebrate its unique roots in Santería and voodoo, influenced by the Caribbean traditions of the black and brown communities here.

Its name, Eleventh House, refers to one of the 12 astrological houses within an individual’s birth chart that rules over community and friends. On the third Thursday of every month, the organization throws a queer astrological party at Mama Tried in downtown Miami with local tarot and natal chart readers.

Its online directory of mystics is believed to be the first platform of its kind. 


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