Maria, also known as Bruja Caribe or La Santa Bandida, is a Spanglish-speaking Caribbean bruja based in Miami. Her ancestral roots extend all the way to Venezuela and the Caribbean. A tarot reader, spiritual advisor, community healer and wise-woman in the making, she is constantly seeking to level up through spirituality and developing solutions to the most common problems in our society (anxiety, stress, lack of spiritual connection, the search for clarity, among others) catering to those who identify with her core values through herbalism, mental-health advocacy, community leadership, self awareness and cartomancy. 

A self-proclaimed "diaspora baby" and champion for divine duality, Maria is no stranger to the major and minor arcanas, has had an interest in the occult from an early age, took her first steps with the tarot in 2010 and has shifted her spiritual practice from self-development and self-discovery into community healing and reconciling with the divine feminine and divine masculine archetypes.