Born and raised in Haiti, Carolyn Desert always felt connected to energies. She always felt like there was a connection between her and the elements of nature from a very young age. As a child she was not sure what was going on, but always surrendered to the messages that she would receive from the wind, the trees and nature in general and she believes that surrendering and availability that she had brought her closer and closer to connecting with Spirits as she believes that there is a time and age for us to develop full spiritual maturity and understanding. Eventually she began to have visions, premonitions and to see and communicate with Spirits not just in visions but in the physical realm. In 2014 she was crowned Miss Haiti and soon understood that all of this was the work of the Loas, ( Haitian deities) who wanted her to understand that they chose her to bring people closer to Spiritual truth. Everything from the night she was crowned was unintentionally symbolic, but this is how Spirits works she says. From the date of the crowning, to the yellow dress she wore, and the crown she received seemed to have been carefully orchestrated by the Loas. This confirmed to her that she was chosen. She then fully embarked on her mission to heal and considers herself a light worker, to bring others on the path that is meant for them to travel, and to empower others who have forgotten their connection to the source of energy .

Her services include: active energy readings, candle services for various intentions, such as money manifestations, removal of blockages and protection. Her website also provides a wide array of tools for spiritual growth and alignment, intention candles, spiritual baths for removal of negative energy but also to bring peace, luck and alignment, also money-attraction bags and more.