Angel is a claircognizant psychic and tarologist of Cuban descent. Born and raised in Miami, they have always felt an uncanny connection to the landscape and community that became a search of origin and truth that translates into their reading style. Their tools include the tarot and oracles with which Angel uses an in-depth knowledge of language and mythology to bring the querent into the present and illuminate their path. Honesty, acceptance and compassion are fundamental to their readings, during which the querent may enter an environment that is both safe and beyond the material.

Outside of their divination practice, Angel is a multidisciplinary artist and community organizer. Their mediums include tattooing, video, performance, and object making. Along with Jess Swanson, they are a co-founder of Eleventh House, a local nonprofit seeking to build a platform for mystics and healers to have community and provide services to the public.